Midway (InstaWatch HD)

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This title is currently a VUDU Pre-Order and when redeemed before VUDUs release date this will go into the VUDU My Pre-Orders section of your My VUDU library. This title will not be watchable until VUDU sets it live and processes pre-orders. After VUDU sets it live and processes preorders it will be available in your My Movies library. If redeemed after VUDU process pre-orders movie will redeem directly to your My Vudu Library.


InstaWatch Movie hyperlink and redemption instructions will be emailed to you SAME BUSINESS DAY. We pride ourselves in lightning fast delivery.

Unlike other digital movies and television seasons InstaWatch are actually not codes; they are hyperlinks that you launch by either clicking on the link or copy and pasting it into a browser.

*VUDU Account required* - After purchase, clicking the InstaWatch link in the email will automatically add the title to the VUDU account library you are logged in to.

Please make note of confirmed picture quality of the title. If you currently own HD picture quality rights, by redeeming a 4K InstaWatch you will not be eligible for upgrade to 4K quality.