Jurassic Park: The Lost World (iTunes 4K)(Ports to VUDU 4K)

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iTunes Digital 4K Code and redemption instructions will be emailed to you SAME BUSINESS DAY. We pride ourselves in lightning fast delivery.

These codes have been removed from their respective movie case/box that we have purchased and thus own the rights to sell the included digital copies. ViFGAM is the legal owner of the digital content & can sell these due to the fact that we are the original purchaser & owner of the discs. Purchased codes & redemption instructions will be delivered electronically once payment is made. Physical slip will be destroyed after redemption, not mailed.

Codes will redeem as Ultra High Definition, 2140p. 

**Codes for this title have been verified valid for redemption and MUST be redeemed DIRECTLY in iTunes ONLY. Failure to use iTunes redemption may result in your movie only showing up as HD/1080p instead of 4K UHD/2160p. ViFGAM will not be held responsible for reimbursement if redemption outside of iTunes occurs. Codes for this title redeemed through iTunes are guaranteed to redeem at minimum 4K/2160P quality on iTunes.**